The attorneys at The Tomlinson Law Group are frequently called upon by clients to review contracts (including insurance policies) and to assist in revising and editing existing contracts. 

Contracts are often complex, and there are many facets to consider, including issues that could subject you to liability.  It is important to know that once you enter a contract, you may be bound to terms and conditions that could be detrimental to you or your business.  Therefore, it is crucial to have an attorney carefully review any contract you may consider executing and provide language that protects your rights and best interests. 

How We Can Help

We will meet with you to discuss the underlying facts related to the contract, including the relationship between the contracting parties.  To determine the best course of action, we will provide a full legal evaluation as it relates to your case.

  • Review contracts- proposed drafts or existing contracts, including any attachments and/or addendums, etc.
  • Review documents associated with the contract or bargaining and negotiations between parties, including letters, emails, text messages, proposals, etc.
  • Evaluate verbal representations made between the parties.
  • Evaluate the actions of all involved parties to date, including anything that could be construed as deviating from contractual responsibilities, acts of default etc.

Each matter is different with a unique set of facts and circumstances, so meeting face to face with clients is an important part of our hands-on process.

Call The Tomlinson Law Group today for a free consultation regarding any contract matters.  If you are unable to come to our office, we will gladly come to you.